Here is a selection of podcasts that have been recorded recently.

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How to prepare for the unthinkable

As the world reels from another disruption to the global supply chain during the blocking of the Suez Canal, while coping with the ongoing challenges caused by the pandemic, it has been a challenging time for all parties in the global supply chain. But how well can you prepare for the unthinkable? What will be the long-term impact? In this Portcast Bart Kuipers gives us all the details on the resulting situation and provides an outlook on what might happen in the near future. Presented by Anouschka Laheij. Featuring Bart Kuipers PhD – Port economist, Erasmus Center for Urban, Port and Transport Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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Why business leaders must become tech leaders

During the pandemic, it became clear that the companies willing to embrace technology to meet the tsunami of change would be the ones to lead in the future. In this conversation with Dr. Mona Flores, head of medical A.I. at NVIDIA; Port of Rotterdam Authority CEO Allard Castelein and Accenture’s CTO Paul Daugherty, we learn how some enterprises reimagined their systems to leverage technology, say good-bye to ‘the way we’ve always done things’ and meet the needs of the moment. This podcast is made possible by Accenture and the New York Times.

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Wie? Wat? Waterstof!

Hydrogen is the hot topic of the energy transition. But what is hydrogen, where does it come from and what role will it play in the ports? In this ‘portcast’ host Celwin investigates everything to do with hydrogen. In the first episode he visits the Techniek College Rotterdam and tries to find out what hydrogen can mean for (future) employment. Listen and subscribe now (Dutch)! This portcast is made possible by the Port of Rotterdam Authority and Shell.

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