The true success of a port is measured not by the volume of cargo that passes through it but by the impact it creates. But how will the port of the future look? And how can you start preparing for it? Today’s fast-changing world presents a steady stream of rapid developments. So how can you keep up?

We don’t have all the answers. No one knows exactly how the world will look in 50, 30 or even 10 years’ time. But we do know we can influence the future and create a port that is clean, safe and efficient, a port that enhances its environment. That means striving to be a frontrunner, taking calculated risks and starting to prepare right now. In this online magazine, we give you an insight into our ongoing efforts to create a future-ready port.

We’ve identified a number of building blocks that will help other ports to prepare for the future. One is digitisation, which can make port activities more transparent, more predictable and more efficient than ever. Our colleague Claudia de Andrade-de Wit explains how digitisation contributes to a waste-free port by supporting optimal use of the available space, infrastructure and transport capacity – while ensuring the safe and smooth handling of vessels at all times. You can also read an interview with Harbour Master René de Vries, who explains how the digital transformation is changing his work.

Another important building block is energy. By introducing a large-scale hydrogen network across our port complex, we and our partners are turning Rotterdam into an international hub for the production, import and use of hydrogen and its transportion to other countries in Northwest Europe. We highlight an inspiring initiative by, a young company that’s making hydrogen-powered terminal tractors a reality. Meanwhile, the City of Rotterdam is working on ‘greening’ some of its public spaces. Urban Planner Emiel Arends explains why these projects are so important for the city and its inhabitants. Personally, I can’t wait to see the results of the city’s green metamorphosis.

These articles showcase just some of the initiatives aimed at getting ready for the future. We’re keen to hear how you are preparing, and how we can work together.

Allard S. Castelein
CEO Port of Rotterdam Authority


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