Digitisation as accelerator for the energy transition


The energy transition is underway for quite some time now. You can see wind turbines and solar panels almost everywhere. A few years back I noticed something odd. The wind was blowing strong that day, but quite a few turbines were not operational.

After some research, I found out that they were simply generating too much energy. The grid couldn’t cope, so they were switched off and the opportunity for generating precious clean energy was wasted. I became aware that the fluctuations in supply and demand for renewable energy needed a solution. The key question that came to my mind was how to tackle this opportunity in the fastest way possible? And what kind of digital solution could help to connect suppliers and users in a user friendly manner?

Focus on technology

Having developed this interest for sustainability and the energy transition I started thinking about possible solutions. At the time I was still a student at the Delft University of Technology. Like many others I realised that energy storage would play a key role in the energy transition. Coming from a background in maritime technology, my co-founder and I started to look at applying energy storage to the electrification of vessels. The same technical solution turned out to be able to store surplus energy so that it can be used – for example to power vessels, provide shore power or other port related operations – at a different moment.

Opportunities to accelerate the energy transition

Quickly we figured out that the number of companies working on energy storage solutions was growing. Because of the increase in local energy generation and temporary use of energy a growing number of users will rely on decentralized energy sources in the near future. This is where opportunities arise and Skoon’s focus on making mobile energy scalable comes into play.

At the moment various companies are already operating mobile battery solutions. As can be seen on our platform, companies like Greener and Wattsun are serving the market with mobile energy storage units of different sorts and sizes. But how can we work together and deliver a substantial contribution to the energy transition? Just having sound and reliable energy storage solutions is not enough. To have impact, and accelerate the transition, battery sharing is the way to go. Every available battery must be in use as much as possible. And this calls for smart digital solutions.

Digital solutions are able to improve the business case

I believe the key to success is to connect supply and demand in a data-driven and reliable manner. Recently we launched our Skoon Cloud, world’s first battery sharing platform that connects a growing number of markets and applications. We make battery sharing easy for everyone and improve the business case of the energy transition. Not only by creating an intuitive marketplace where owners and users can find each other, but also by automating time consuming processes such as the logistics of batteries and improving insights during and after the use of the mobile energy. This is making mobile energy more accessible and profitable for suppliers and users. Accelerating the energy transition calls for digital solutions that support rapidly developing energy storage hardware. And that is exactly what we are doing!

Peter Paul van Voorst
Founder Skoon Energy


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