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Port of the future


The true success of a port is measured not by the volume of cargo that passes through it but by the impact it creates. But how will the port of the future look? And how can you start preparing for it? In this online magazine, we give you an insight into our ongoing efforts to create a future-ready port.

Energy Transition


2020 has certainly been an unprecedented year so far – we’ve never seen anything like it. One might say we’ve never seen anything like the energy transition either. The world needs to change its habits as soon as possible. And at the port of Rotterdam, we are working hard to support that change in multiple ways.

Read the magazine and get inspired.

Do you dare to #thinkbig?

Digital Transformation


The world is changing at an incredible pace. The developments of today can be completely different tomorrow. So, as Port Authority, we’ve decided to take the plunge and bundle today’s digital stories for you. Because we don’t want you to miss out on all the current digital developments. And what better way to share our journey to the future with you than via an online magazine?

Move forward. Port forward.